Aflac Cash Benefits

Aflac Cash Benefits

Aflac Cash Benefits

Aflac provides you cash, paid directly to you, to cover your uncovered medical expenses (deductibles, co-pays. co-insurance, etc.) and to pay you for lost income during your recovery. Your money is tax free because Aflac does not issue 1099’s as income to the IRS. Some policies pay you an annual Wellness Benefits each year you stay in the plan.


American Family Life Assurance Company (Aflac), The Company

The company was founded by brothers John, Paul, and William Amos in Columbus, Georgia, in 1955, as American Family Life Insurance Company of Columbus. Later, the company name was changed to American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus, and finally, the company adopted the Aflac acronym.

Aflac is the largest provider of guaranteed-renewable insurance in the United States and the largest insurance company overall in Japan, when measured by individual insurance policies in force. In 2021, their Net Income was $4.3 Billion, Total Assets were $157.5 Billion and Total Equity was $33.3 Billion. Aflac is number 131 in the list of the Fortune 500 companies, and it has won the Most Ethical Company award from



  • Benefits are payable for fractures, dislocations, lacerations, concussions, burns, emergency dental work, eye injuries, and Surgical procedures.
  • Benefits payable for initial treatment, X-rays, major diagnostic exams, and follow-up treatments.
  • Benefits payable for physical, speech, and occupational therapy.
  • Daily Hospitalization benefits payable for hospital stays, and additional daily benefits paid for stays in a hospital intensive care unit.

Here is how it works: Suppose that while playing in the state hockey playoffs, your child was injured and was taken to the ER in an ambulance. His leg is broken and surgery is performed. Then his Aflac Accident Advantage- Option 3 coverage would pay you $5,570 in total benefits. This is cash paid directly to you besides what your medical insurance pays directly to doctors and hospitals!



Aflac Choice Hospital Indemnity offers our best selection of hospital-related benefits to help with the expenses not covered by major medical, which can prevent high deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses from derailing your life plans.

  • It’s customizable. You choose the plan that is right for you based on your specific needs. It also works well with our other products.
  • Guaranteed-issue options are available- that means there is no medical questionnaire required.
  • We pay cash directly to you (unless otherwise assigned)- not the doctors or hospitals.



Major medical may not cover the cost of things like deductibles, co-pays, lost work time, or even travel. Aflac Cancer Protection Assurance can with cancer-associated costs like these. It helps support you through the physical, emotional, and financial costs of cancer- and stays with you for life.

  • We’re with you, even while you are well. We pay a benefit for early detection and prevention care, like mammograms, PSA blood tests, and many other kinds of cancer screenings too. Why? Because when cancer is found and treated early, you’re more likely to survive it.
  • We’ll see you all the way through treatment. If you are diagnosed with cancer, we offer other benefits that you can count on- and thanks to One Day Paysm, your claim can be processed in just one day. You’ll receive a benefit upon initial diagnosis of a covered cancer and our support doesn’t end there.
  • We give you the freedom to choose the best care for you. You and your doctor decide on a treatment plan together; we help provide you with financial support for every month that you are undergoing that treatment. Want a second opinion? We provide a benefit for that too.

This is how it works: Suppose you start suffering from frequent infections and high fever. You visit you physician and he recommends a bone marrow biopsy. You receive a diagnosis of leukemia and you undergo treatment. Then your Aflac Cancer Protection Assurance- Option 2 policy pays you $23,575 in total benefits. This is cash paid directly to you besides what your medical insurance pays directly to doctors and hospitals!


Critical Care

Aflac Critical Care Protection offers more types of benefits compared to other critical illness on the market:

  • Pays $7,500 upon diagnosis of a specific health event, which increases to $10,000 for dependent children.
  • Pays $300 per day for covered hospital stays.
  • Daily benefits payable for covered intensive care unit and step-down intensive care unit confinements.
  • Pays benefits for physical therapy, speech therapy, rehabilitation therapy, home health care, and many more.
  • Transportation and lodging benefits payable for travel to receive treatment.
  • Guaranteed-renewable for your lifetime with some benefits reduced at age 70- as long as premiums are paid, the policy cannot be cancelled.

Specified health events covered by Critical Care Protection policy include:

  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG)
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Third-Degree Burns
  • Coma
  • Paralysis
  • Major Human Organ Transplant
  • End-Stage Renal Failure
  • Persistent Vegetative State

This is how it works: Suppose you suffer a heart attack and you are transported to the hospital in an ambulance. A coronary angioplasty is performed and you are hospitalized. After leaving the hospital, you receive physical therapy. Then your Aflac Critical Care Protection- Option 2 policy pays you $16,100 in total benefits. This is cash paid directly to you besides what your medical insurance pays directly to doctors and hospitals!

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